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specialist interests & procedures



As well as offering a comprehensive "general" service, our doctors have specialist interest, training and expertise in a variety of conditions...

specialist area clinician
Gynaecology, sexual health and contraception

Dr. Sian Morris

Diabetes Dr. Karen Greenhorn
Cardiology (heart problems, blood pressure) Dr. Richard Newell
Orthopaedics (muscle, ligament and joint problems) Dr. Andrew Jackson
Dermatology (skin problems)

Dr. Richard Newell

Palliative Care (end of life care) Dr. Mike Francis
Skin surgery Dr. Andrew Smith




We can also offer a variety of specialist medical procedures...

specialist procedures clinician
Joint injections

Dr. Andrew Jackson

Dr. Andrew Smith

Dr. Richard Newell

Dr. Kate Eldred

Contraceptive Coil fittings

Dr. Sian Morris

Dr. Ella Keevash

Contraceptive implant

(fitting and removal)

Dr. Sian Morris

Kim Kershaw ANP

Sr. Sue Moore


(freezing therapy for some skin problems)

Dr. Andrew Smith

Skin surgery

Dr. Andrew Smith