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The best way to contact us is to use eConsult: you can do this any day and anytime. You'll find instant help and advice, and we will reply usually within a few hours, and always before the end of the next working day.


We may give you a ring to find out more about your problem and make a plan. We may also ask you to send us some photos to help us make a diagnosis. And sometimes we will ask you to come to the Practice for an examination or test.


If you have been asked to come to the Practice, we will usually ask you to wait in your car, and then phone you when we're ready for you. We may ask you to ring us when you're in the car park.


Please don't come to the building unless you have been asked to. If you have been asked to come, please wear a mask or face covering if you have one. Thank you.

face masks

Facemasks are an important part of the fight against Coronavirus, and we encourage people to wear them.


Some people may be anxious about the Government’s recent announcements around the use of face masks in various public settings. Some situations where not wearing a mask is reasonable are listed on the Government’s website.


Please be aware that no letter is required to exempt you from wearing a face mask, and GPs are not in a position to provide individual risk assessments or letters of this nature.

Could you help us find effective treatments for Covid19?

If you are age 50+ and develop symptoms (a new cough or fever) and/or have had a positive test for Covid19 in the last 15 days, then you may be eligible to join the Principle trial, run by Oxford University. find out more...

testing for Coronavirus

Please be aware that we still do not have any access to testing for Covid19 (including antibody testing), contrary to recent press releases from Government.


We are told that we will soon be able to offer antibody testing to those who are having a blood test for other medical reasons, but this is not yet available in our area.

Are you struggling because of the lockdown?

You can find help and advice here...

Domestic abuse is on the rise...

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, are worried about a friend/family member, or would like more information about spotting the signs of abuse, immediate help is available.

friends & family

Of our patients surveyed so far, 95% say they would recommnend Bingley Medical Practice to their friends and family.


You can download a graph of the full results here.

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