you can order more of your current approved medications by...

  • by e-mail
  • by post
  • at Reception (only if the above options are not avaiable to you)
  • by telephone (only if the above options are not avaiable to you)

processing times

  • medications on your "Repeat Prescriptions" list will usually be sent to your chosen Pharmacy on the same working day.
  • if your request needs to be checked by a GP or Pharmacist, it will usually be sent to your Pharmacy by the end of the following working day.
  • Pharmacies have their own processing times to add on, which vary from hours to a few days. Please contact them directly if your prescription is delayed.

We can send most prescriptions electronically to your chosen pharmacy, anywhere in the England.


Please let us know which Pharmacy you want to use. Alternatively you set your preference through the NHS app, or contact Pharmacies directly to register with them to receive your prescriptions.

help with prescription costs

If you are paying for regular prescriptions, you might save money by applying for an NHS Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate.


These last for 3 or 12 months, and once purchased cover the cost of all your prescriptions during that period.


A 3-month certificate will save you money if you usually need 4 or more prescribed items over a 3 months period.