booking an appointment

You can book appointments online or by telephone, up to 4 weeks in advance


We also keep some appointments in reserve for use each day (you can book some of these online from 7am).


Please let us know if you wish to see a specific doctor or nurse, or require a specific time and/or date and we will try our best to accomodate this.

telephone triage

If you need an appointment at short notice, please phone us before 10.30am: our Reception team will then take your details and;

  • for children aged 12 years or under an appointment will be booked.
  • for adults, a GP or Nurse Practitioner will then phone you back and will deal with your problem over the phone if appropriate, or arrange a suitable appointment for you at the surgery.

Our aim is for you to see the doctor who knows you best, or a doctor with specialist knowledge relevant to your problem.

appointments in surgery

Appointments in surgery are 10 minutes long. If you have several problems to discuss, please let the doctor know: we will try our best to deal with as many of them as we can, but we may ask you to come to an additional appointment at a later time or day.

telephone appointments

If you just need to talk to us, then you can book a telephone appointment. These are available every day. You can use them for discussing a new problem as well
as (for example) test results, medication reviews and minor queries - almost anything where an examination is not required.

our promise

We guarantee you will always be able to see or speak to a clinican within 2 working days (usually within 24 hours).

All urgent cases will be seen by appointment on the same day by the doctor on call
(Duty Doctor) that day.

blood tests

Blood test clinics run everyday, but must be booked in advance, and have been ordered by a clinician.


Canalside Health Care Centre:-

Monday 1.10pm - 2.20pm

Tuesday 8.10am - 11.00am

Wednesday 1.10pm - 2.00pm

Thursday 8.10am - 11.00am

Friday 1.10pm - 2.00pm


Crossflatts Surgery:-

Wednesday 10.00am -10.30am