booking an appointment

You can book appointments by telephone, up to 4 weeks in advance. For some appointments we can send your a link by SMS to you can book online.


Please let us know if you wish to see a specific doctor or nurse, or require a specific time and/or date and we will try our best to accomodate this.

telephone triage

If you need an appointment at short notice, please phone us before 10.30am: our Reception team will then take some details and ask a few questions about the nature of the the problem. This helps us to ensure that you are seen with appropriate urgency, and by the clinician best able to help. It is usually best that you to see the doctor who knows you (or your condition) best - even if that means waiting a little longer for an appointment.

appointments in surgery

Appointments in surgery are 10 minutes long. If you have several problems to discuss, please let the doctor know at the beginning of the consultation: we will try our best to deal with as many of them as we can, but if there is not time to do this safely in the time available, we will ask you to come to arrange an additional appointment at a later time.

telephone appointments

If you prefer to have your problem dealt with over the phone rather than coming in to see us, then please ask our Reception team. Telephone appointments can work well for test results, follow-up appointments, medical reviews and minor queries - but for anything where an examination might be required, then a face-to-face appointment is best. If your problem relates to something visible (e.g. a skin condition) then it can help if you take some photographs on your phone, ready to send to us if required.

blood tests

We run blood test clinics everyday, but must be requested by a clinician.