tests and investigations

We offer a wide variety of medical investigations on-site, including...

  • blood tests
  • urine analysis
  • ECG's
  • lung function testing ("Spirometry")
  • ambulatory blood pressure recording

These tests are arranged by your doctor or nurse.

blood tests

if your doctor has requested a blood test, you can book and appointment with our nursing team Monday to Friday.


If you have been asked to attend for a fasting blood test, you must have nothing to eat or drink other than water, black tea or black coffee from midnight. onwards.

test results

Your doctor or nurse will discuss with you how to find out your test results. Depending on the condition or circumstances, this may be by:-

  • a follow-up appointment at the surgery
  • a telephone appointment
  • a text message to your mobile phone (please make sure we know your current number!)
  • a letter

The time taken for results varies for different tests. Most blood results are received from the laboratory within a few days, but some take several weeks. X-rays and scan results usually take 7-10 days to reach us.


If you contact Reception to find out your results, please bear in mind that Reception staff are not able to interpret test results, and will only be able to read any message that your doctor or nurse has left for you.

what do the results mean?

Interpreting test results is a skilled task: you might be surprised to learn that most tests (be they blood tests or scans) often don't provide a diagnosis on their own. Instead they give us some indication of how certain body systems are behaving, which may help us to peice together what is happening.


You can find out more about what blood test result mean here.